About Halo

Norwegian Meteorological Institute´s responsibility to society is contributing to secure life and valuables. We do so by offering good and modern weather services useful to society.

While yr.no is a service for everyone, Halo is a service especially designed for MET´s professional partners in public sector.

What we want to accomplish is:

  • To be a reliable, available and relevant source of meteorological and oceanic products and services
  • To prioritize the needs of the public authorities
  • To give the users good products and services that are well designed, easy to use and available on mobile platforms with wide and narrow bandwidth
  • To be a service that integrates our contributions with other public offices` web services
  • To take care of our users´ need for security and stability
  • To continuously develop the services according to the users´ need

Use of data from Halo

Data from Halo can only be used for internal purposes or the institutions´ goal to fulfill their public missions. The reason for these limitations is that public authorities access information and products with third party constrictions through Halo. These are data and products that are not freely available for further distribution, but which MET are allowed to forward to other public offices.

In Halo MET also make available its own data and products that everyone can use freely through api.met.no

Further information on access to data from the Meteorological Institute.

Users of Halo

Halo´s users are mainly public authorities, plus some private companies executing public responsibilities on behalf of regional or national authorities. Private companies who are subcontractors for public authorities can be given access for a limited time period during the mission. The access must be withdrawn when the mission is completed or the delivery is terminated. Halo can not be used for commercial purposes. This applies also when a public authority operates as a commercial enterprise.

Do you want your employer to be a Halo user, please contact us here.